Art in the Park Proposal Form

  • Please explain how the project came about, including any relevant information about conceptual themes, materials, display, ect.
  • Have you shown this work before? Is this a new body of work?
  • Proposed time when you would like to exhibit this work, for how long, etc. *If you are submitting a proposal to be included in a particular Art in the Park exhibition, please state below.
  • If you would be available to participate in a demonstration, workshop, and/or public lecture in conjunction with the exhibition, please state your interest below. For workshops, please indicate if the workshop would be appropriate for adults and/or youth.
  • Please submit up to 5 examples of artwork that match your proposal. Works in process are accepted. Images may also be emailed to
  • Please provide information about each sample image provided, including medium, size, year made, description if necessary. Work Sample descriptions may also be emailed to